People Counting System


Draw Area polygon at Heatmap Dashboard to obtain heatmap analytics for area of interest.

Key Metrics available:


Specialty Reports for RetailHeatmap™

Our report is designed with IT and business collaboration in mind. Modularised for rapid results, managers will be able to use its legible data to make informed business decisions.

How It Works

With Footfallcam Centroid we could reuse your existing CCTV(third party device) to reduce cost of integration.

Equipment List

We offer a world-class solution, a powerful combination of hardware and software that enables businesses to make data-driven decisions.

FootfallCam 5D Pro™

FootfallCam 5D Pro™ is specially designed to support low ceiling height (as low as 2.1m) counting. The FootfallCam 5D Pro™ is packed with upgraded features while maintaining the performance of its predecessors.

Footfallcam Centroid™

Adding AI video analytics to your existing cctv. Workplace task alert and optimise Workflow. FootfallCam Centroid™ processes up to eight HD full-motion video streams in real-time.

Footfallcam Analytics Manager V9™

A software with web-based control panel to manage large number of counters with a prescriptive dashboard and reports.

Footfallcam Staff Exclusion Tag™

New generation washable material. Tag with a unique pattern only recognizable by FootfallCam 3D Plus2™ and 3D Max™ counters. It excludes any person wearing the tag from being counted.