People counter in your retail store

With increasing competition from traditional bricks and mortar retailers, online stores, pop-up stores and everything in between, stores today need to make the most out of every consumer that enters their store. While retailers are generally satisfied with the sales transaction value and the number of consumers that made a purchase, it is visibility into the consumers that did not make a purchase that matters. As consumers that purchased something were satisfied, retailers having insight into how many people were dissatisfied, why they were dissatisfied, and who is dissatisfied is more important in improving the operational success of a business.

Sales Conversion - Turning shoppers into buyers

By looking at the sales data alone, it is hard to say if the particular store is performing good or bad. Combining sales data with store footfall provides you the true measure of a store’s key performance indicator. Sales conversion is calculated by combining footfall data with sales data which will allow users to identify the missed opportunity of sales compared to their performance of sales.

Marketing Effectiveness - Measuring the impact of advertising and promotions

Evaluating and quantifying the impact of marketing campaign based on metrics such as store footfall, number of new customers created, visit frequency of customers, and sales conversion rate. With the marketing effectiveness report, users will be able to determine the impact and return on investment of advertising efforts.

Staff Planning - Having the right number of staffs

Staff planning is not about reducing the number of staff in the sales floor at specific time of day, but rather having the right number of staff at the right time in the right place. With the visibility on when there is the highest opportunities for sales conversion, users will be able to align the deployment of staff with customer traffic to optimise the budget of working hours.

Sample Reports

Footfall Weekly Report

Footfall Daily Report

Sales Conversion Report

Marketing Effectiveness Report

Opening and Closing Time Analysis

How are our customers using FootfallCam?

Watsons Malaysia

Watsons Malaysia used the sales conversion function of FootfallCam in order to compete against other large pharmaceutical brands. With the simplicity of integration, Watsons Malaysia was able to easily integrate the data within their business intelligence systems for further analysis.


Lacoste used was marketing effectiveness to evaluate their distribution channel to determine how effective promotional advertisements are disseminated, in addition to evaluating how effective their promotions was, and whether the promotions justified the cost of advertisements with significant return on investments.

Jakel Mall

Jakel Mall have used the opening and closing time analysis offered by FootfallCam to determine the optimal mix of staffing hours. With predictive insight into the number of consumers that would be in their store at all hours of day, Jakel Mall was able to allocate more staff during peak hours to better serve their customers.